Specialized Probate Services for Real Estate

The Loss of a Loved One Is Incredibly Difficult. We're Here to Help.

Dealing with estates and inheritances is difficult and complex. 

You need somebody who is truly in your corner and can guide you through it.

We understand that this isn’t something you want to deal with, especially when grieving a family member. Our agents are designated Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists (CPRES) who understand the ins and outs of probate and wills as it pertains to real estate. Most importantly, we’ve been in your position before.

Working with REvised Real Estate means:

  • Courteous and professional treatment during this difficult time
  • Help liquidating properties owned by a trust
  • In depth knowledge of estate services
  • Expertise and support regarding the entire probate process
  • A trustworthy and reliable guide throughout this intricate undertaking

It’s easy to feel alone when going through this experience. You need someone who can remind you to suspend their credit score, or just go have coffee and talk. Your real estate professional will be an empathetic and guiding figure throughout this entire process.

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Does It Matter If Your Real Estate Agent Has Probate Experience?

It does!

While many people may have a REALTOR® they already trust, it is vital that when dealing with probate, you have a real estate agent in your corner who truly knows the ins and outs of this process. Selling a property is very different during probate proceedings than with traditional home sales. 

Probate sales require different contracts, different disclosures, different timelines, and have different listing requirements. There may also be regulations regarding listing prices and sales may even require court approval. Using a real estate agent who isn’t familiar with the process can lead to legal issues and end up being a far more expensive and lengthy process than anticipated.

Our agents are Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists (CPRES), and we have been through the probate process before personally. We are dedicated to ensuring that this process is as easy, smooth, and stress-free as possible. 

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